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::You are what you eat::
How can lah??? You are what you eat! So today I'm a Nasi Lemak, Nasi Bukhari with Lamb and Broiled Chicken and Chocolate Cake lah? Impossible *add the --bley-- to make it sound Latin Soap Opera-ish*

Being Malaysian, it is strange that when a foreigner asks us what food are we famous for... we will probably answer "Dunno.." Unlike Thais and their TomYam and Indonesia for their Rojak Tsunami.

So.. *imagine a sengau auntie speaking* actually ah... we are what we read. Yep, you are either an

OrangPuteh Wannabe

Manga Maniac
Vomit @ puke binti Muntah Enthusiast or a
Gadis Sunti Perkasa Sakti Mutiara Ilmu Tak Guna

Or you don't read at all and prefer staring at feets. It's what most LRT passengers do really... They stare at shoes, sandals, flip-flop, kurap, thick yellow toenails.

Hard black shiny shoes, 10 ringgit pasar malam flip-flops, Celuped Vans
I am more of a fantasy novel reader. A natural Geek. So what lah.. Wanna piece of me issit? I'll charge my Mana and unleash the Demons of Ambarcia!!!! or I can just ignore you and enjoy my dragon ride. Either way I will achieve naught. >_<*

Interesting Bedside Lamp. It has a name too: Syahiran Sukardi... nah.. it is "I am sensitive"And this is Syah's 20th birthday box. Happy birthday Syah!!! It was meant to mock him. So what the dodol lah kan~~~ very kawaii innit?

I sell b'day boxes too you know.. RM15 including the poslaju fee. Get one today!!!

(haha...I'm killing myself!!)


syahiransukardi said... was meant to mock him uh?

afiq said...

err.... to mock him in a buffadaylicious kind of way... >_<''''

happy b-larted buffaday~~~~

tak sangka ko baca blog nih...