Fast with Fury: Afiq's Drift

laLike an unfamiliar voice from a distant, like the mumbling of an old train: yes-yes-yes-yes-yes..., like a girl that was forced to marry a fisherman eventhough she had already found her lover. The fisherman found out about his new wife's old lover, he set out to sea in his little boat though he knows a storm is brewing. The lovers made a suicide pact. So everybody died. The fisherman, his wife, her lover and a shark that has no part in the story, but died anyway.

Maybe I slept on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe its because of the lack of sleep. Maybe. My heart feels like a Damp Cave that echoes. And it's wet. That's probably Despair. Despair dampens anything and everything.

The things that usually cheer me up (anime, books, friendster testimonials) are swallowed in the Damp Cave's whirlpool, reducing these objects into Objects. Cold. Hard. Objects.

If anything could cheer me up now, it'll has to be phenomenally God forsaken. Something Divine.

The truth is, I have it but I can't rekindle my hidden love with it. Not until 7.09 p.m.

We'll be ONE soon.............. Char Keow Teow....

(oh you one plate wonder you...)

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