i'm being thankful... IS THAT SO WRONG!!!!

Prettiest thing I ever did see
Was lightning from the top of a cloud
Moving through the dark a million miles an hour
With somewhere to be...


Isn't it great to be a part of something. To be somewhere you feel belonged. I truly enjoyed my shift from studio 1 to studio 2 because it gave me a peace of mind and a feeling that overwhelms my entity of self-definite pleasure. I feel so accepted and appreciated for my indviduality in my current studio. It's just a feeling but hell, it's a great feeling.

To be a part of something, it is something I have never experienced. Being in 11 schools, I was never a part of anything. I would do things alone and prefer lunch alone and had done all my homework...

teka itu perkataan...... ... ya Cik Yap..


it's actually alone but aside from your sengauness..
Teng teng teng...

Yes, alone. And things didn't change when I entered matriculation. I was 90% of the time alone, doing my own things, enjoying or sometimes loathing my unintended journeys. I'd mustered enough courage to went to almost everything with my parents advice through Goyah(handphone) and and my dearest diaries. During those times, my motivations were endless fantasies of heroic success, sudden recognition and instant stardom but all are too distant, all are too futile, too dreamy. And so I walked through life with the boldness of an airbag.

And now I feel an indefinite sense of being aboard a small operation. I may be the most unexpected retard or the person who has no control of his urges for good food or a person who has a manic sequent of temporary obsessions or a person who you know... talks too much, eats too much, cycles too much and writes too much..

but you know what... yes Mr. Maniam?

it doesn't really matter anymore?

Teng teng teng..

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