Many many ticks

The SRC election and its ongoing campaign. I still don't see the use of these organizations especially WUFI (we unite for Islam) Their stickers are everywhere: in toilets, staircase, cars, etc. UIA IIUM

No matter how hard they campaign, I just don't see any friekin' difference. The watercooler is still broken, the toilets are still dirty, GoWireless is in the deepest trench of inexistence. And I need not vote to clean up the mess. A few steps to the office, filling in my details and write a complain and voila, whatever it is that bothered me will vanish. Hilang. Kepele'ot. Chompchompchomp...Kempen politik

But I can't do anything about GoWireless though. It's out of my hands. It also can't be solve by the student council!

my ass lah.

Afiq tutup kedua-dua belah mata and ignore the elections


hmsb said...

yup,that's right

this whole SRC-WUFI thang going on is actually quite amusing.

Some of the motions are really a bit far-fetched. eg: "to upgrade IIU's image in the uni world, bla, bla, yada,yada..."

I mean, they practically DEMAND us to vote and all,but hell, I don't even who's running.

Posters? what posters?! oh,you mean those few, flimsy, poor-excuse of papers slapped on walls? Right........

and to think there was a 'piece'(am using the term 'piece' very loosely) in KOSMO(!) about uia's 'panas' election
season. Haha!

afiq said...


I would vote for them if they visit and explain to us in details on why we should we vote for them.

or issit just a popularity contest to boost the students' resume.

sick i tell you.. SICK,

Szakif said...

owh afiq... i regret for subscribing the hopeless wireless last semester. really hopeless!!! dont even think its there. gowireless!!! gotohell!!!

hmsb said...

The really funny thing about the election is the 'roadies'.

Roadie : Oi sister

me : Uh, yeah?

Roadie : Take this (tosses small pouch w potpourri / soap / etc) and
vote for ________ (or else...)

I guess it's not about the motions anymore

It's all about plying voters w 'goodies'

I mean, like seriously, who in their right mind would refuse bribery disguised in the form of POTPOURRI and SOAP? (lol!)

J said...

hahhah . dasar budak aed with the t-square :P

afiq said...

they are buying votes with printed glossy adverts and ehem.. gifts. I would prefer them to speak to the public about their intentions. I mean, alang2 nak berpolitik buat betul betul lah..

i bet byk undi rosak dis year..

Hafidz Baharom said...

When you can, vote in the General Elections. If you don't, I'll close both of your eyes myself..hahaha!!