Habits. Can't live without them. Dirty habits, obsessive habits and the downright unusual habits.

Habits are compulsiveness that occurs due to repetitive pleasure. It's like licking an ice-cream in a same up-down motion on the same spot. It's weird, some would say it's kinky and others unethical but it is some of the things you would rather do unto yourself when you're confident with your surrounding or when you're alone.

To humanize the third speaking role I'm playing now: I have to admit that I have countless habits. Childhood habits, temporary habits, eternal habits, desperate habits and even comsumption habits (sigh). My eternal habit: decorating any habitation I limit my activities in @ room. I'll spend more money on my room than my cloth expenditure or sometimes even food. It's a habit nonetheless and I find this habit quite useful, architectural speaking of course.

But habits has their own consequences and repetitions will only maximize in strength. We humans naturally don't appreciate lateral pleasure thanks to our nafsu (nafs). We (humans not crabs) comply our enticity to multiplications. Sequential pleasure. It's like a wave movement graph. It'll go up and down and finally tsunami will strike and before you know it, all you had gained is lost. Sad. Sedih. Grief.

Unexpected explosion is the right category of limitless metaphores. Consider this one a more appopriate metaphore.>>>

Habits are meant to be sustained or it'll eat us up, chewing our dignity with its wrath, swallowing chunks of our identities and eating people's love for us along the way. Truthfully speaking, I _____________ but really I _____________.

See, we make excuses for our action.It's only natural. To have peace in mind amidst atrocity. Amidst thumbcracking pain. Reality hurts. I have no idea why I'm writing this way suddenly. Think of it as the poetic segment in a fully commercialized drama. The scene where the heroine stare at the dusk without emotions.

That way lah.. ('_')"


afiq said...

my entry is a bit blue today... maybe its monday

afiq said...

ehhh,.. i blog to oftenlah.. gotta curb this habit of mine. Peh.

Steve Irwin died 2 days ago. He was stung by a stingray. Imagine that. I'll miss his 'crikey' and 'look at that beauty..' He died after accomplishing so much. And he left his wife and kids to continue their foundation. sweet.