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Our confused sense of belonging. Colours and hues we had denied in retrospect, disrespecting the present and encouraging the past. Oh how our emotions are surgically attached to a more heavenly home. An illusion of warm, womb-like belonging.

I was listening to a couple of first years talking to each other with a slightly annoying america accent. A lot of -like- I like got up early and then I was like why the hell I woke up like like this early like like.. c'mon. like you know... you know what I mean and if my face is made out of metal to resist pangs, I would scold them and tell them off. But no, my fair mosturized complexion is a pretty valid reason not to interfere with their conversation.

Where did they get their American accent? Obvious isn't it? And how they's shifted their perspective on life, about the lucid details of on-off relationships, attitude driven swearing and even the unlogically flirty reactions to attractive men. How can that not be from America?

Wolly baggy many poon, it is a choice made by these people. It was offered through the telly and they's accepted it. They didn't go looking for it though. And in the other hand are traditional values enthusiasts who praised excessive humilty and encourage people to -berkias-. A whole different dimension from the popAmericanized kipas susah mati. (die hard fan) Is this acceptable? Asking that question from afar, away from Malaysia would make much sense but to live in the scenario? It is possible and it is happening. It is our present and it would later be our future. So why, why bother?

Well those values were picked from home, from the television. Untaught values by parents were merely substituted or replaced. It is not out culture to defy our culture but the way things are going now, what the fudge is culture anyway? Cultures are perceived as restriction and how are children and teen to be blame when it is possible to encounter limitless access to other people's cultures and what are the chances of them to practice these cultures.

So what is culture anyway?

I'll tell you, it's like a thing when you do shit and repeat them and like get used to them, you know, like that. you know, if you don't f*** off you f****** b****!!!!

Aside from that, I'd spent the whole week with my project so I'll catch a movie with e tomorrow. Hearts or the Lake House *scrathes head* hmmm....

Aside from that, bloggospere is getting more and more void

Aside from that, that's that.


Anonymous said...

Afiq, i have the tendency to use "like" a lot.. hehe ;p

in my case, it's the amount of exposure accent-wise i get thru debates and public speaking.
and it has become a certain style of speaking i like and i ter-adopted automatically.

its not always wanna-bes who use such lines or words.
it can be "infected" by others too.
plus, we're in an INTERNATIONAL environment.
some people cant help it.

culture is still culture.
we dont dump basics.
we still take off our shoes when we enter people's house as orang melayu.
we still makan nasi as staple food.
(put in more examples here)

but culture clash brings CHANGE.
this is just one of the trends of 'CHANGE'.

and on bloggers taking breaks.
that's change too.. we have to realsie and accept that.
we have to sometimes sit back and let things be cos we really have no control over it.

BUT as always, i respect ur opinion, afiq.
this is just mine.


afiq said...

I respect your opinion too. I'm not trying to judge, I'm appreciating clashes of cultures. serious shit. and it's not so me to praise anything that bothers me. But of course i reserve my opinions on a day-to-day basis but not in blogosphere.

2 kupang, 5 kupang.... tunduk tunduk geleng geleng......