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It was circulated verbally and by casual e-mailing and later the death cycle rolled its way to IIUM administration and staffs.

The rumour:

Irma Nurzahrah, a LAW student of IIUM who emerged as the Public Speaking World Champion at the International Debate Competition: World Universities Debating Championship intended to convert to Christianity and had requested help from the IFC (interfaith commission). There are hovewer affliation to the rumours but I have decided to keep it between those who are contently aware of it.

The Drama:

Irma supposedly threatened IIUM when the university issued her a suspension letter because of her actions. Rumours has it that she had requested financial help from IFC to sue IIUM.


She had denied all allegations and had made it clear that the rumours are untrue.

This is a message from Irma to all that had been circulating the fitnah:

I havent posted in ages, because I dont have the time, but this is an emergency posting.To all the people who have kept on messaging me on friendster and my email, concerning rumors that I have converted to Christianity, please stop.

Whatever I do with my life is none of your business. I dont know you! You dont know me! Stop talking about me. This is ridiculous. Quoting from the last message I got, apparently there are a lot of people talking about it. It is sick and stupid. Go find something better to do with your time, like gardening, breeding free-range chickens, something more worthwhile.

Just so all of you will leave me alone, the answer is no. I am not a Christian. I never will be, the religion doesnt appeal to me, okay? Happy? But I seriously think all of you need to change your attitude towards this whole religion issue. Firstly, its a private matter. Do you know what private means? It means that it is of concern to the individual and to that individual alone. Nobody should have a say in what another person believes, faith shouldnt be forced, because the freedom of the mind is one of the most fundamental freedoms a human being should have.
If you cannot even think a certain way freely, how can you claim sovereignty over your other faculties?

Secondly, why do you always treat people who convert like they are the spawn of Satan? The self-righteousness that you people exhibit is sickening. Its a question of a difference of opinion, it doesnt mean that they will start eating babies. Just because they dont think the same way you do, it does not mean that they are evil. Grow up. Use that hunk of grey matter in your freaking skulls.

Thats all I have to say. Thank you for your concern, and start living your lives for real people.

Alas, she had spoken.

What say you?

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Hafidz Baharom said...

As rumours mostly reach me by e-mail through my inconsiderate spamming ex-classmates from university, this one reached my mailbox quite some time ago.

Tell Irma I have constantly told these people who issue out such e-mails, that fitnah in itself is a guarantor of their tenure in hell.