If I am 20 years older...

Aput brought up the Lina Joy case and I (suddenly)have the urge to comment on this issue again.

A research was conducted on how many pages of miscellaneous books are read by an average malay malaysians throughout his/her lifetime and the result: 2 pages per person! So I figure malay malaysians are not up to par with the rest of the community to express their anger through intelligent discourse so they resorted to the infamous Kampong Riot.

If you or a friend of yours are an Anti IFC enthusiast, tell yourself or him/her this: READ THE FRIEKIN' PERLEMBAGAAN handbook! Yessss.. they do have an easy search&read handbook.

If you malas, be clear of hatred and accept that Malaysia is not a Muslim country but a secular one. It was stated during our grandfathers' time and remained to be valid until now. Ya Pakcik, memang macam tu... Makcik, jangan dengar cakap pakcik, dia tu follow drama Samarinda je, berita tu bila kawan datang baru tengok.

Malaysia is a secular country.

Not a Muslim country.

And how is Malaysia applicable to Islamic Laws if only 50-60 percent of the rakyat are Muslim Malays? How can it be possible?

So worry not about Lina Joy and her strong-will desire to peluk christianity and start worrying about your own children. Do you think their knowledge in Islam is enough to withstand temptations to convert? Pakcik, kalau anak pakcik tu pun beromen tepi tangga ngan boifren anak Ustad Kampong Hilir, tak payah lah susah-sasah dengan anak orang lain.. Buang dek masa.. Buang dek suara..

Even UIA is in dilemma because of Irma's case. Tak payah tengok jauh-jauh. Nun di Law Department pun ada 'Lina Joy'.

But then again, who am I to reason with you, pakcik dan makcik. Saya budak lagi kan -_-**


Hafidz Baharom said...

how very true, dearest afiq. and the Federal Constitution makes more sense if read in English, at least to me lah, kan.

trust me when I say I'm not exactly an average Malaysian.

I definitely read more...hahaha!!!

xxeemm said...

It's funny that most Malays love to jaga tepi kain orang but they don't know how to jaga their own anak first and foremost.