omost raya

I took a long break from blogging to work on my portfolio.

DIGI sucks. Big time. It's inefficient, insufficient and intolerable. Do you know how hard it is to buy DIGI top up cards these days..

sorry dek, outta of stock, raya baru new stock
sorry macha, don hap Deejee
sorry a chai, wa talak dealing DIGI

It's their reception in Gombak is as though I am inside the parameters of the Bermuda Triangle. The only reason I suscribed Digi till now is because my family is using them. KALAU TIDAK... Digi is also very very very very very very expensive. I have to spend 60 to 80 cents to call some Celcom numbers. One minute 60 cents. A nasi lemak that cost 60 cent pun will last longer than a minute of material existence.

Having OrangPutehs to run the tele-company too bothered me. It's a modern time Penjajahan I tell you. A bare fact it is: Chinese are NOT penjajah, they are our brothers that enriched our country with economic bliss and Genting Highland. And beautified the roads with beautiful cars. Not that our local cars are UGLY. THEY ARE UGLY! Kelisa and Kancil are scraps from biskut Marie, Proton Saga is probably made out of Kulit Saga. They are all cars made my big companies protected and secured by a country to make syok-sendiri profit. Wary, cepat rosak mechanisms that shrouds our visions of sleek sexy beasts.

What else a... *looks around*

What is it with Malays and their spiteful hate towards dogs? Those creatures are cuddly and loyal la. Not haram. They are not Haram. They can be touched. Its just that you have to wash your hands more thoroughly after dealing with them. What? If you touch a pet hamster you don't wash your hands when you want to east issit??? Even Rasulullah deals with dogs when he hunts. He had told a story that a stranded man who saw a crazed thirsty dog and went in to a well to give it water and died after doing so and went to heaven. And a woman that starved her cat to death went to hell. See? They are animals created and loved by God. So why hate them. Stupid la you...

Aaaah... lega. Pardon my condescending use of words. There are more bottled emotions in this poor poor heart of mine but I'll save that for later.



Hajeedar, one of the prominent architect in Malaysia puji my design. I'm so freaking happy. And so were the lecturers. They were beaming like the Malam LailatulQadar's moon. A Divine smile. A Relief smile. Because during external portfolios, the targeted piece of bloody flesh are the lecturers, not students.

I'll be posting the pictures so my mom and other design students can see my 'kene puji' design. Hohohoho...


cuidano said...

i personally don't like kelisa, even if i am driving one, but they do come in handy during traffic jams & at parking lots......

Anonymous said...

Dearaest umi son afiq, nice to know they recognise ur design, umi prays d best for u always.

B waitng to c ur design n also u this coming raya, we at home very3 busy, at last got umi's workers to help with our house, got to furnish in n out coz umi son hadi, aful have friends coming for raya. Ketupat tengok le tunggu afiq n umi yang kot.

Smile ok coz u deserve them after all the hard work.

About DIGI umi still support them coz it;s d best around, they are more friendlier n human/ Umi have bad experience with CELCOM. have this bill but calls not made by umi n they just refuse to acknowlege apa lagi to check. Whu should umi bayar coz people used umi's line, worst they even take u to coury for just a hundred bill. As for DIGI the customer service will say, sorry madam we will check for u n away with imposter. Well dear siapa terbaik, guess depend ones experience. As for u nak no cards around shows how popular DIGI is. In future dah habis credit just give us a ringger n we will transfer some to u,

OK then dear have a nice n safe journey home n not forgetting have a good shopping too, SABAH is waiting to weelcome u home. Love u always nak n kisses from umi to u.