(gambar hiasan semata-mata: Pulau Sapi)

Why do we tend to neglect those who are more makan garam.

Didn't this year's raya Petronas advertisment teach us anything?

From the media and majority malays' opinion on Dr. M's rebuke, I can conclude that:

1. The rakyat can't read between the lines, taking up gossips and newspaper reports as easily as picking a kuih raya.

2. The rakyat are malays? Since when did that happened? Why is it that there are two stream of opinions in the media, one in using malay as the medium and the other english.

3. All the politicans are ganged up on Dr.M.

It is clear that the rakyat has no second voice. Why can't we respect a pensioned Prime Minister's opinion on how the country should be governed? Aren't Malay tradition about respecting elderly's opinions. Can the malays for once, stop being so engrossed on the newspaper's headline and use that spare time to think of business strategies and oppurtunities. We're lacking that: economic empowerment!

Being so obsessed complaining of chinese malaysians taking over the country's business over an evening teh tarik won't do any good will it? (not knowing that the country's economy are actually feulled mostly by jews)

A pakcik that sat beside me during my kedai mamak outing told a friend of his that he lost Judi recently and will compensate his loss by joining a 'persatuan'. But when his friend brought up the headlines, he began heating up and tossing slurs like 'celaka punya orang tua'. For a moment there I thought he was referring himself.

As quoted by an evil character in an anime: "Didn't your mother ever teach you that when encountering a stranger, you should cover your wallet and ass."

It seems to me that malay politicians are all ganged up on this subject to cover their own Pierre Cardin satin underwear covered asses. Well, after En. Zakaria of Klang kantoi with his mansion in the middle of a kampung, it served a pretty good warning. Here here, an examplary wakil rakyat: built a mansion without a permit, instructed to meet the Sultan but decided that a vacation could easily dismiss the Sultan's intention and when was finally called in, got out from the castle with an arrogant smile. Pakcik, pakcik, say sorrylah... For a person who earns no more than ten thousand a month... he's expenditure is undeniably illogical. BPR.. where art thou??

This here is an open letter written by Dr.M:

Ladies and gentlemen
Citizens of Malaysia
Why did I criticise the Prime Minister?

Because no one else is able to criticise the PrimeMinister. He cannot be criticised by his Deputy, his Cabinet Ministers, Umno Supreme Councilmembers, Menteri Besar, Chief Ministers, Members of the Dewan Rakyat, Members of the Senate, Members of the State Legislative Council,Umno members at all levels, Government Officersand anyone from royalty to beggars

The mainstream media including radio andtelevision are not allowed to admonish the PrimeMinister. Pre-paid telephones are now required tobe registered so that anyone who transmits SMSes will be known by the Government andaction can be taken.

The Internet and the websites will be electronically bugged and action taken against anyone who criticises the Prime Minister

Anyone who attempts to hold any function that may involve criticising the Prime Minister will be harassed and threatened by the police and Government leaders to force them to cancel the function.

I myself have been blocked using all sorts of means to stop me from criticising the Prime Minister.

1. I cannot be invited by Umno, non-government organisations, associations of government officers or non-government officers, universities or any other institutions.

2. Umno members and the public are prevented from and advised against attending any functions or meetings where I am to speak.

3. All sorts of threats are meted out by police and political leaders to scare anyone who refuses to comply.

4. Every time anything that involves the public takes place, the Deputy Prime Minister and certain other quarters will forcefully advise that any criticism, comment or debate should stop

5. Actions that are taken or threatened to be taken include sacking, transfer to remote areas like in Sabah, retraction or cancellation of contracts, harassment by the banks, call-up by the police, the Anti-Corruption Agency and other government enforcement agencies, detained and interrogated repeatedly.

A climate of fear has enveloped this country.

No one dares to comment, criticise or oppose anything that is done by the Prime Minister.

In a situation where no one can criticise the PrimeMinister, I have to voice my criticisms on matters that do not concern my personal being, but only those that concern the interest of the religion, race and country.

Because of this, I am abused by the PrimeMinister's henchmen including component party leaders, the mainstream media that is controlled by Kali and Brendan and all other government apparatus.

The questions and issues I have raised have not been answered. What is being questioned is my right to comment and criticise. Attempts are made to disparage me so badly that I am made out to be of unsound mind. Repeatedly, allegations were made that the administration during my time was worse.

Their media make out that my criticisms of the Prime Minister are despicable and reprehensible

Muslims should know that even the Imam can be corrected by those he leads in prayers if he reads or does something wrong

Saidina Abu Bakar, Islam's first Caliph, had asked to be corrected if he did something wrong, not by foreigners but by the Muslims themselves.

But the current Prime Minister cannot at all b ecommented upon, criticised or advised. He is almost a saint who is free from any human weaknesses or wrongs.

My meeting with him should be kept secret from the rakyat. And because we have met, I can no longer criticise whatever is done by the Prime Minister.

Because of my statement that I would continue criticising if something that is not good for the religion, race and country is done by the Prime Minister, all sorts of condemnations and insults are thrown by these hatchetmen and the mainstream media towards me.

Because all avenue for criticising the government has been shut, therefore I am forced to come up with this written statement so that it is not spun by anyone.

Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad
Malaysian citizen and commoner

Oct 27, 2006


webflier said...

You must be new in politics.As in the very words of DR M..'politics is the art of possible and impossible'says he..For the fact that he has been given leeway to express his so called 'grieviences' has proven freedom of speech is alive...not during his time.Frankly,i love the 'old man'but during 'his rule'every BN politicians lost their balls or their balls shrank.Give Pak Lah a chance,'baru masuk padang bola tak sampai 5 minit dak kata dia tak pandai main bola!! I dont think Pak Lah is stupid..comon,22yrs as PM,how can you let go.Common sense says he choose Pak Lah cos he thought Pak Lah was weak and he can still rule pakai 'proxy',he was wrong.As the saying goes'every dog has his day' and its Pak Lah's day!!!

Anonymous said...

Accusing someone being new in politics is definately a understatement. See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil is the right choice of commitment for the so called Democratic Malaysian. It doesn't take 5 minutes or 45 minutes to play ball, cos when u know u can't play ball, u can't play, that s just the fact. No one says Pak Lah is stupid, otherwise he will not be the PM now,Tun made the wrong choice, or the right one? by chosing Pak Lah as his succesor, coz he needs a proxy? I doubted it Pak Lah has got a dog to built his day, but more like his "menantu" playing the Pontianak theme song "Pulang lah" if u get my drift.

uncle Lan

Anonymous said...

Dearest umi son afiq, as umi have always said everything starts from a dot n it will finally meet again. Least Dr M is feeling what he's done during his days, sad but he asked for it, if he truly wanted to help muslim there's always other ways least he can do is donate his 'money' n time with his family first which he has long missed( he said so). Guess he's still feeding his sons to maintain their high end life style. Pity him though. dah tua masih kene jaga anak2.

He should sit n muhasabah, lots of solat sunat esp. istiqarah b4 making any statement, only those who truly yakin with ALLAH's way of life will understand umi. UmI has LOTS OF EXPERIENCES in these area n alhamdulillah umi is bless with all ALLAH's gift.

Take care n all the best in ur exam 2morro.

Anonymous said...

Have we got a Japanese lady in the house..umi son afiq!!You comment is out of tune.What 'feeding son etc.etc.We are having a serious discussion here and if you dont have a grasp of what Lan and me the webflier is trying to convey,go 'study' some more,or do whatever your good in...and try to improve your english!! Lan,stanby for more,later.

afiq said...

i mean no disrespect but it would be more commendable for you, webflier to at least respect other people's comments. (especially my mother's)

As far as anything goes, Dr. Mahathir has a problem of 'letting go'.

And it is also apparent that Pak Lah's government is somehow afraid to have to people's voice resonate through media and the internet. I can make a conclusion (may not be a valid one) that Dr. M's ex-armies(cronies) are exposed to the public's inquiry and they are simply covering their asses by evading media threats. Pak Lah is simply letting the rakyat do their jobs and this decision is not in favour to mahathir as his past mistakes may be bare in a couple of months. So he attacked when it is most advantageous and he did so with brute force, devouring Pak Lah's family along.

It's not only about letting go but as long as he's not dead, he may experience public humiliation of his troubled prolonged calamity. So it is a classic tale of






afiq said...

Datuk Z cried and confessed. Sad, Very moving. But very questionable. I reckon he had hired a image consultant to help him clear his image.

Public cloth selection b4:

Shiny purple baju melayu, black shoes and gucci shades.

Public cloth selection now:

Simple clean cream shirt, barefooted and square specs.

It may be unflinching truth (of him being a very kind government servant) or it is a case of a person who's trying really hard to get the public's pardon.

please... his wife didn't wear a single jewelry, his sons are all in white shirts, and his house, painted cream.. give me a break.

It's too fake for me to even fake my grief. sobsob...

Anonymous said...

Umi son afiq is your mother..'thousand apologies'..but your command of english is damn good,comparatively speaking.Well,besides reading somebody in the house must be conversant in english.I am reading your blog cos my youngest,naughty small sister 'force'me to read your blog but dare not respond..got to go and will commend on your other write-up later..webflier

afiq said...

i wonder who's that sister of urs.... somebody i know?

Anonymous said...

Webflier says..i hate that Zakaria guy and by helping the rakyat does not mean he has the 'license'to break the law.He should be a 'man'and perform 'harakiri',oklah 'harakanan' will do.As for that crazy,small,naughty girl,better not to know.She will make your life miserable.She likes you cos she says your crazy and confused,like her.Her moms hair is turning grey,i tell you..imagine what one girl can do to 'hairs'.This is the webflier,signing off..

Anonymous said...

Dearest umi son afiq, thanks for appreciating umi's thpught n defending umi's right in ur blog.

Take care n all the best with ur next paper.


Anonymous said...

well. i agree with uncle lan. pak lah is not stupid.. if not.. how the hell he become the prime minister now?? answer me

Hafidz Baharom said...

Afiq, with your permission, I would like to rebuke a few remarks listed above, okay? Thanks.

Being new to politics is not an issue. Politics is progressive and based on the current and majority's point of view. Thus, I think Afiq, being a member of Malaysia's youth, cannot be dismissed as simply "new to politics".

Anyone can read the news and make their own damned mind about our leaders, and that is a political point of view.

Also to that commentator who said people only elect smart leaders, I wish you to look on a grander scale and come out from under that coconut shell. Look international.

We have George Bush, who is definitely an idiot with connections from "Daddy's" days in the government.

We have Jack Straw, who is telling Muslim women to take of their hijabs because he wants to have eye contact with the woman he speaks to. Basically, he's saying to hell with religious rights.

We have Nuri Al-Maliki in Iraq, we have Karzai in Afghanistan. These were elected because they are businessmen with ties to Bush.

Are you still sure, after those examples, that an idiot cannot be made PM?

To afiq, what you say is not totally true. We have the press. And the blogs. And, if you have enough time and effort, you can send out the word through podcasts and such.

Technology leads to freedom of communication.

Shall we start a progressive Malaysian podcast?

afiq said...


but malaysia's --freedom of communication-- is like a time bomb..





kaboM M M M M M

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting coz I read, Lan stand by for more, and still standing by but nothing came, I wonder who ur sister is, well, what people think is not important, we talk about Dato Z, Tun himself and our PM, and talk about solat sunat, solat wajib and doa, we all sure do talk alot about people, never realised that sometime we need to clean our backyard, looking yonder at people s doing and mistake, but never looking back at ourself.Afiq, you have to grow up too, in the blog, u dont defend anyone, that shows sign of weakness, stand up and fight for urself and let others fight for themselves. Mean no harm and hope none taken, no one is stupid, and the only thing that is stupid is their doing, doing stupid things and who are we to cry wolf?
uncle Lan

afiq said...

Yes I can. I think defending the people we love is not a sign of weakness. Defending ourselves, defying self-doubts is one. An obvious one too.

I'm defending some people because it is necessary as sentimentalism differs to different people. I do it mostly because I need to, albeit their reasons and justifications.

Some things have to be addressed because no one will. Because no one is up to it. Because they are afraid. I know I have much to learn but I'm fully aware that I have the right to critisize, to suggest and hopefully to affect change.