What is Raya Shopping without the midnight Bazaar at Masjid Jamek?

It is a yearly event that surpasses any bazaar in the country. It has the longest line, the most customers and the best raya bargain in the country.

And eventhough it's technically illegal, it is supported by ministers as well, having seen VVIP cars cruising against the waves of discount hungry muslims. What better way to spend the last nights of Ramadhan than to dig through mounds of rubbish, endure unwanted odours and the sickly humidity, all along shouting "Berapa boleh bagi kurang!!!". Heaven I tell you.

For me the best thing during the bazaar is the desperation of the traders to sell their -soon to be tak laku- goods. Some wear the goods. Some parade their goods like gorrilas parading their tarzan son to the whole jungle. Some even do things that are absolutely irrelevant to their business: singing, pantun-ing, and silat-ing.

It is a celebration of the eternal habit of KLites: Last Minute Shopping!

And if all went well, have an enjoyable supper at the exit of the bazaar: yong tau fu and air tebu... lululu....

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