16th October is Anti McDonald's Day

My shoulder aches lately. So is my neck, my belakang, my lutut... "Apa hal lu Afiq?"

Wa tala apa apa. Lu lon't wolly. Lon't wolly kata Afiq belah Cinanya.

I'm currently struggling with my drawings. My fingers keeps on complaining, becoming spazzztic in the the middle of the tracing process.

Have you heard of McCurry? The shop was sued by McDonald's for using the name Mc and uses red-yellow deco. A Malaysian Curry House owned by an Indian Malaysian Sued for immitating a USA company... in Malaysia? Stupid I tell you. Feels like I want to ....

Afiq entered the McDonald's building with fiery rage. Fiery Red-White Rage. Security hurdled through office partitions to stop Afiq but hut he resisted them by climbing up the building from the outside like Neo (from Matrix)... One of the Pak Guard distracted his friends by shouting. "Ane pocha alibaba allagapas" (Look, free chapati!) and later whispered, "Kane ah chopla chopli" (Good Luck my friend)

Afiq dramatically smashed his way to the Regional Manager's office, filling his socks with snooker balls and sway it around like maces. As the partitions were reduced to splinters and cells(haha) Afiq glides through the office, as though swimming through obstacles, eating a hot nasi lemak, waiting for Abang Domino's Pizza to arrive.

KEDEBABOM patah kaki....

Regional Manager: Ni yo sen me? (What do you want?)

Afiq: Wo bu hui chang hwa yee (U dunno how to speak chinese)

RM: Really ah.. lu macam chinese

Afiq: E tien tien ar.. (little bit can lah)

RM: Owh... Apa lu mau?

Afiq: I want to eliminate evil. I want to destroy the Devil's trusses. I want to demolish the columns of destruction.

RM: Wa tatau cakap ang moh(orang putih)

Afiq: Oh.

RM: *puzzled*

Afiq: Ini macam lah *throws t square*
--tweesh twoosh tweesh twoosh--- BOINK!

Assistant RM: Lu ham sapp baling itu luler sama wa punyer bontot!

Afiq: Sorry Miss..

Miss: Panggil saya Ping Ping.

Afiq: Sorry Ping Ping.

--tweesh twoosh tweesh twoosh-- TOKK!

Afiq got nearer to the unconcious body of the Regional Manager and slowly but stingingly whispered:

"~~~BENGONG mu~~~"


I have been boycotting McD for quite a while now(three months) .

Why?Be a Rakan Afiq and visit these lovely websites:


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