Don't read if you hate SLOGS

So very sick of Coffee. Tracing paper. Tecnical pen. Pencil. T-square.

Those are the things I've been associated with for the past week.

I have no concern over anything other than my design and FOOD. Design and FOOD. Design and FOOD. The guys in the studio teased me being the most kecoh guy in KAED. "Once you know, everybody will know..."

But everybody knows that I too, keep a lot of secrets. And I think I'm off better keeping them for other people's sake. Coz I dig alot. And once I get to the root of things, I'll anounce it to the whole world.

Well I guess a part of me loves journalism. The 'kecoh' part of course. And the 'senyap' me loves poetry and writing. The 'critical' me loves architecture. And the 'emo' me loves faking. Uhuh, like I'd written before, I fake a lot.

Signs that Afiq is Faking it:

He smiles more than 5 seconds.
He acts blurrrrr and gullible.
He never stops talking.
He acts stewpeed.

I fake it because it's easier to have a lot of friends this way. More contacts, more priviledges.

Another SLOG... So be it, I've been in solitude for so long that I think I need a pet. I do need a pet. A cat. I'll call it Tigger junior. Bless you Tigger (he's in cat's heaven)

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