ZZZZS argh zzzzzz

Boolesheet.. A drop of saliva gain exit from my mouth and into a neighbourhood block of letters. Shocked, confused and _ _ _ _ ed UP!

It was then and there that 'that' happened but that's that. Presented my final project today and it turned out to a be suitable occasion for exchanging smirks and slurs between lecturers and students. Mine was particularly condemned for being TOO modern. It's not modern at all really.. its emotion extravagance can be appreciated for generations.

Lecturer: What do you mean by futuristic
Afiq: I said so because I would think that the generation of the future would realized the importance of sustainable emotion in a space.
L: But you're designing a current project?
A: Yes, but are we not going to design for the future as our generation of architects takes place
L: Why don't you follow...
(menyampuk) Dr. Shireen: You are being explorative, I like that but there's a limit to it. There's always a point where you should design simply. You see, A = constructable and suit purpose of design, B = suit the purpose of design, C = something like yours..
(taken aback) Maybe, just maybe we could see you next semester
L: I still don't understand why you used the term futuristic.
A: I may have positioned the spaces accordingly to trends, appliances, furnitre and so on but the society will keep changing, making the house impractical for future generation. By using the law of emotion and how human are trancscended by emotion, spaces that triggers interesting feelings are designed so many generation could enjoy the structure, thus making the design sustainable.
L(mula mengamuk)
Dr.Shireen gelengs her head
Afiq don't seem to understand the system here.. Am I not allowed to defend my design? Am I not entitled to my opinion? Why are the lecturers got mad when I managed to defend my design.

Eyes blurring,,, Eyes pooled with sleepy tears
Haikal reviewed. He said that the lecturers were shocked that i could defend my design and Haikal thinks I was being a bit kurang ajar...

Madba latuh!

Got to sleep..I'll post some pics of my project tonight...


azim said...

maybe u can re do ur presentation 2 me. haha..i will give u another comment

afiq said...

pala hotak mu!!

xxeemm said...

i hate dr puteri shireen... mainly because she is square and i'm curved...

anyway, lecturers, during first years, would tend to 'stupidise' the students. you are deemed not smart or clever or wise (choose choice adjective) to fight against their words...

at the end of ur 3rd yr, the lecturers will start barraging you about your lack of enthusiasm to fight for ur design... twisted manipulative old faggots..

Anonymous said...

mann,you suck dude.the problem is u dont think like how lecturers think.talking about a lecturer is quite stupid,rarely.GET YOUR MIND STRAIGHT