Gue Kena ngorat..Mmg tak mustahil...

Ardently forgive my previous post: it's a mental thing: a thing I do mentally: out of my system: fuh lega... ..Took a 2 kilometer stroll from the studio at 1 in the morning. fun. walk on divider. fun. Play of lights flickered by ramblings of pokok nipah. Smooth, white and stained divider. Cool. Alone. I reckon you can imagine the scenario by now.

Ada orang mengorat ngan gue.. Would've been cool if it was some iranian chick but but but but it wasn't. Culprit's profile:

Big scar on face

Yuckz!! Yuck yuck yuck(spits)
Blckguy: Hey brother
afiq: Yes?
bg: What time is it?
a:erm...wait..(took out goyah aka ngage)
madba:You gila ke apa? Bloody silver watch on your bloody wrist
a: It's 9.35
bg: Can you teach me Bahasa Melayu brother?
madba: Pala hotak mu!
a: Sorry I'm not really malay
madba: Lie afiq lie... tell him ur ...ur.. Viatnamese
a: I'm chinese Malaysian and Muslim
bg:What's your name
madba: Gocka DeRollacosta
a: Erm, Afiq Chien
bg: Oh.. How old are you?
a: eight...
madba: crazy izzit? If u tell him ur barely legal.. Imagine worst scenario.Rape. AAAHHH!
a: Erm... 20
bg: Nice age. Nice. Nice
madba: eeeeeeye..
bg: can you teach me chinese then brother..
madba: I'll teach you how to shove my goyah up you ***
a: Sorry, no. I'm not a good teacher.. Besides, I'm very very very busy.. Bye yea?
(afiq hilang serta merta)
madba: Run Afiq Run....
a: (running) Shut up!

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