a queueing pig

Studio Barbeque last night. It bothers me a bit when people call it B-B-Q. It sounds so Japanese! It makes us look bad(in general) because it signifies snackfood's flavour's significance (as opposed to the *sky grumbles* Dictionary....)

Eventhough pressed many times by countless people, I still manage to forget that there's a gift exchanging event that night. Bicycle grand prix to the convenient store; bought a dozen of soya cappucino air kotak and a tabloig mag and vroom!!!

The barbequeing was both sweaty and filling. I prefer it raw; sausages and crab filaments. I mean who actually eats barbequed crab filaments. They're not even meant to be cooked. So I ate them with thaousand island dressing and everyone was all "Yuck", "afiq ni geli la". Sigh... But, but, restaurants usually have it served raw with salad and dressing.. They wouldn't believe me! Another sigh..whatever..

What greater motivation that to read motivation bits from a guy who had decided to lose weight by walking around his country. If he's singaporean, why bother? But he's american! Can you imagine yourself walking around America. Phew.. I can't even imagine myself taking a stroll around UIA.. His website is at my linkies,,,,..

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