here you go... answered as promised

Rzeem asked me how beer tasted like so I asked "do you want me to buy you a can?"

Stunned, "No"

Promised him to tell him via this blog; so here you go. Intro: There was a chinese restaurant in front of Sri Insan (my highschool) and they sell beer to only(strictly) chinese blokes. Having born to look like one (minus the accent and linggo) I bought them for a malay friend of mine and purchased one of my own before going for our weekly football matches. Keep doing so every week.. It's never addictive; I can tell you that since i only gulp down a can every week. Must've been a joke to non-muslim blokes but that's that.

It tasted malty with a hint of sugarcane sugar and it's gassy like coke. There you go. Now you know.. discoverychannel.. gottoknow


Rzeem said...

whatever,discovery channel...gotto know.thanks for letting me know the taste of kencing wonder la afiq, you ni memang ada iras2 skit cam setan..ngah ngah ngah...

afiq said...

ader ek.. ada sketsket kot except for the pointy ears and tanduk kambing.. and the baju goth.. gost.. satan has cool fashion sense

I'll be credible for typing this nun dkat padang merdeka.. oops mashar