Human sometimes magically inspired things with their weird and unexplainable abilities. The power to rely on their spiritual ability, disbelieving their physical condition for a minute or so. That, is the power of belief. I'm very sure stories on ridiculous longetivity, endurance or even levitation was believed as myths and exaggeration of travelling words but stories of survival and personal strength are truly inspiring bits of life.

We are human who has souls within us. Our ruh. It is within the a body of flesh and blood. But it is there. Coins shingles in our hand when shakened. How about when it's in a vase made of clay? Will it stil shingle? Forgive me if my logic trepassed yours, but it will.

Knowing my inner power..Afiq had promised himself not to sleep for 3 whole days to finish my assignments and presentation... So be it!

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