Stigmata of MY own doings

This is not a poem,, I'm by far, the most "unpoetic soul" ever given breath by destiny

Have you ever procrastinate?
Have you ever procrastinate something that will redeem itself as a catastrophic shadow of doubt?
"Who would've known?" you will ask bluntly
The product of self denial doesn't virtually knocks your head right on.
Instead, it creeps and dissapears, creeps and dissapears, creeps and dissapears.
It'll do so again and again and again

You are afraid now
Too afraid to confront your baby of destruction
Too afraid to even turn back to uncast the shadow that dwells behind you
Too afraid to move
Too afraid to do anything
Then, just then,
After all that, the shadow consumed you whole
Every drop of your dignity

Shadow casts behind me
Lurking at every chance of ignorance
madba: What will you do then?
Face them. I'll face the consequences
Consequences; an adolescent of the actual disaster
It's worth confronting
No more enigma from the realm of doubts?
madba: Do you reckon we should start looking back now?
I guess..........(hesitant)
madba: Let's do it then!


kid said...

woo hoo...go go afiq! never let 'it' go!!nanti nyesal kang, saper susah? huhu~

lubna said...


i've heard of the hell kaed students supposedly go through.

didnt really think much of it since all fields require discipline anyway...

but this...been there before as well. not a pleasant situation.

good luck on your work then, Insya Allah!

ps-how come kaed students are practically holed up in ur kuliyyah? the only time i see ppl leave is when they go eat at hs.