Butts, Buns and Love

Like every other Sundays, my brain is currently dislocated from the body. A feeling a man would experience when he accidentally tucked in his wallet into his left rear pocket. The remorseful digust when sitting down is the aftemath of such incident: the feeling of having a dislocated or recently altered pair of bollocks, I mean buttocks. I wrote this constitution last night while watching Little Briton on the computer:

I was never in Love. Never. I wish to be in Love. Everybody does. I never feel like being in Love but I do Want to be in Love with a person who Loves me equally. Isn’t that something all of us generally opt as the basic constitution of love; being in Love with the person that loves us equally?

I may have a list of traits I would want my potential partner to possess but the constitution, the very essence of relationship that binds two people together is, what I found out, more important than my stupid checklist.

In presence of treasured family and friends, Afiq Deen Bin Azizan and *potential wife* enter into the following covenant:

We promised to grow old together, while keeping each other young, maintaining our sense of humour, sharing love and secrets.

We promise to discover new things, places, and people together, to view our life together as a work of literature.

We promise to share our happiness with our friends and relatives.

We promised each to treasure the other's happiness at least as much as our own, to support each other's creativity, and always to keep faith in the strength of other's love.

We promised to sembahyang Subuh together on every free weekend.


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Chemistry Grad said...

dasat dasat..loving pun ada contract..janji setia antara dua! huhu~