Kadai mamak, happy families and a new CD

Scene: Kedai Mamak

Teh tarik satu, maggi goreng kurang pedas satu... and satu malboro light
Afiq: My lips were trembling when I said the M word

Scene: Bus Stop

Tried to smoke there but there was a couple of warga emas lepaking.. secondary smoke is bad for their health.. OK ok.. tukar tempat

Again, TRIED to smoke at an open restaurant but there were children around.. secondary smoke is bad for their health.

Went to the bus stop. No one around. Now how the hell do you light up a cigarette? No fire emitting from the lighter.. Damn cars and the force of wind resulting from the movements of speedy vehicles. Tukar tempat; sebelah pokok besar. A big happy family was getting into their car. BAD moral display. Tukar tempat.

I finally smoked. My lungs were burning like mad like when you get too near to the fire of a burning sampahsarap. Throat ached like miniscule monkeys were clinging on it. The smoke coming out from my mouth was cool though... macam when I was at Frankfurt airport..

I have to admit, it is hard to smoke when I am too concerned about my surrounding and the aftermath was something I didn't bargain for. My mind is floating in midair (Nicotine effects) and I am still trying to recollect bits of escaping thoughts I had before I smoked. BUT IT WAS JUST ONE CIGARETTE.

I suffered a lot the last few days so I treated myself with a new CD: Pride and Prejudice. Read the book. It was marvelling explicit details of the past culture and events... just my sort of things.

My mom will definitely kill me if she caught me smoking so I hereby declare myself cigarette free (for the time being)(since she's in KL)


mirul said...

Smoking is NOT COOL afiq. it actually serves as a medium for LONELY people to feel not lonely.

that's all.

because the smoke gets inside your lung and gives you a very warm feeling, i guess.

ask me, i'm a smoker myself.

Anonymous said...

what if u caught your mum smoking? Will u kill her?

nana said...

smoking? cool? a definite NO.. it is bad for your health, bad for other people's health, u look bad, smell bad and u waste a hell lot of money.. tell me how could that ever be cool?

Merissa K. said...

id have to say its hard to see smokers who are considerate to their surroundings.

u are now officially the better side of our species. haha.


if ur mum ever finds out, do what the rest of us does. deny deny deny. works like a charm even though ud feel stupid while listing out the illogical lies.

oh. and hello. i like ur writings. :D