Read Afiq READ.....

List of Books borrowed from the library today

How to write Funny
Because I want to improve in my writing

The Fall by Simon Mawer
Series of unfortunate events that highlights friendship and brotherhood

The complete Idiot's guide to Business Etiquette
I want to learn how to 'sell' my ideas in the near future

Dr. Phil McGraw's Self Matters
Self Esteem problems.........

ps: special msg to noemi, knowing me.. well you know me pretty well to write such a warning so i won't mention anything about you in my blog except this hintlah *hint* *hint* (kelip-kelip mata) FYI, Afiq is currently green in envy, which doesn't match his black shirt and earth coloured corderoy.. I love corderoy pants.. they are so bloody comfortable, not that it is possible to be comfortable when I'm soaked with blood.. aiyah.. dah pening.. cheerios!

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