Is the com's clock working. Kalau tak, it's 3.09 AM. Met up with Amalina again. Does it occur to her that.... sigh.. she might be reading this.

Kalau U haven't notice, I'm the only guy who cycles in Kaed beside that tua-tua guy that worked in Kaed. Haikal's bicycle dah pancit, Suhail recently had an accident with his new bicycle and fathi.... suker naik moto. Not fair! It's weird how kiasuism takes effect on me when I'm on my bike and (dengan perasan) I never had any accident... not one bit. My bike, Minah is just gorgeously safe and reliable. I like to name my favourite objects with 'vernacular' names like Goyah;engage, Minah;bike, Eton;computer. ; p

How is it logical that geng kurus-kurus can eat up a full plate of rice and NOT GET FAT! Our metabolism differs but it's just not fair. Mana Aci? Dkat itu estatela macha! For the betterment of me, myself and I:
-listen more
-read more noted than books
-bangun subuh.. a little help e...

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