Hawesworth, Maryam, bird flu and BBB

Hawesworth - worth reading..

Some people get their adrenaline rush by river rafting, bungee jumping, skiing, and having SEX but we architecture student find late project submission a more nerve wreking experience. It's a combination of wits, body speed, physical reaction to situation, and the art of covering up: buat-buat composed and collected. Nothing like it. Even though I never experience sexual intercourse yet, but I bet it's not as nerve wrecking as LATE PROJECT SUBMISSION.

Do you know that Afdin Shauki was once an architecture student? now you know... gottoknow, discoverychannel.

The paling perfect Iranian chic from next studio asked me about her assignment. All of a sudden, I was a living proof of the much said Gombak aviant flu case. My symptoms includes:
-Lost of breath
-Feverish. I was hot everywhere
-My whole body was dead-limp except for my external organ, which was even more giddy than usual. I would like to thank my dad for buying me briefs NOT boxers!

Going to BBB camp tomorrow: kem budak-budak bodok. sigh.. bodoh jugak si afiq ni...

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