3 days statistics

I registered in Statcounter 3 days ago and I'd got all the statistics that might be funny or amusing (stats are collected in 3 days jelah)

-66% people who 'searched' their way to my blog actually searched for the keyword AKSI PANAS .. haha.. highlighting this word again would boost visit.. Pasrah.. aksi panas
-77% Malaysian, 14% Newzealanders (kid and farah latuh), 2 singaporeans, 2 americans, canadians and brazilians.
-Most ppl went through madbasays before entering this site thus makes madba more popular Darn u MADBA!!!!
- To increase visits in Malaysia, I would have to use words such as these to attract Malaysians. Here goes.. I'd cencored it, don't worry. But if you really want to know, left click belowlah. But i reckon u wouldn't (reverse psychology konon)

puki, terlondeh, tetek, cipap, amput,seks, sex, vagina, cunt, pussy, gay, lesbian, malay gay,malay lesbian, melayu seks, uitm seks, awek londeh, strip, bogel, telanjang, ranjang, Mawie, AF4, Khai, Siti Nurhaliza, George Bush sucks, Al-Qaedah, Pamela Anderson, Steve Vaught, WWE diva, USA, Canada, Condoleeza Rice, (if ur reading this... excuse my french..)

Genius eh?

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