I hate NOTES!!!

Hoish..currently exhausted. It was yesterday when I thought it was possible to make a proper model in six hours. I was proven correct. In addition to my perplexed stupidity, I now suffer backpain and my left brow twitch everytime I say the word 'model'. Tiring as it already is, I have to bare myself for the upcoming exams.. That means reading boring notes from papers that smell of formalin. It must've been my misjudging sense of smell to compare the paper's smell with a dental clinic's but I would assume my undeciding brain categorized both scenario to be equally devastating. Yep.. dentist appointment = note reading.

I wouldn't want to sound like a smart aleck but the concept of having to memorize a whole stack of notes, knowing 5% of it is going to be answers is misleading. It creates..... I'll stop right there. Madba is taking over...

This is not necessary but... chitty chitty Bang Bang!

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