gayism is not a word

I'm very sure everyone around me (Im at the bilal CC) is watching porno. A black guy who's sitting nun disana is browsing through gay websites! There's a reflective window behind him. Talking about gayism..note: there's no such word. There are loads an loads of gay guys nowadays. 1 out of 5? Probably.. Check out all malaysian dating websites and Gosh.. (i was like) he's gay? seriously? Yuck(bukak gambar aksi-aksi panas dier) perlu ke bold kan those words... If your idea of panas is standing naked beside a fridge with a softie; (to be honest) which planet are you from?

I was enlightened by Solah's outlook of the gay world by telling me whoever's gay around him which is considerably a lot because 1.we're in UIA 2. We're in Malaysia

Sue and Kuhaz is frustrated over this issue and one of them suggested it is possible to degay them.. hey boy... are you gay? Don't worry honey, I'll degay you! Haha.

Some of my close friends are secretly gay... got to know: discovery channel
Do I have to stress that I'm not gay. Bukti? I kissed a GIRL before waktu sekolah menengah. There. Masih,,,...masih feels good to be a virgin. No one night stand before marriage. naada. Some friends told me u can get successful one night stands kat Zouk but tu diorang katalakan...(cuba cover) fornication = bad + hell + dosa + bastard/bitch

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