Ethnicity, afiq's bday and little Aibo

Aibo is just too cute....It gave me a "hello" and when asked "Do you know Mawi?" it'll answer "Yes, of course" It is not a fan of Siti though..

The Aibo belongs to my Hariz, a cousin of mine.
Afiq(tiba-tiba sampuk): Bapak, my birthday is coming up and I think I'm begining to get the visual idea of my 19th birthday present.
Bapak: Gulp...
Ah yes, this is my thestar newspaper entry of "Foreign-ed stories of local delicacies"
If you’re a travel magazine enthusiast as myself, you'll noticed that various local travel magazines (I won't name any) identify our country as a food heaven and suggestions of local restaurants and cafes are countless like the petai in sambal petai. Before I ditch anything beyond reasoning, don't get me wrong; I'm whole heartedly a Malaysian food lover. Why, everything edible and Halal presented in front of me will be devoured in split seconds.

What bothers me is how these local magazines describe our food. Ever heard of the word exotic and ethnic? Give it a full throttle with some dictionary and you'll come to realized that it means foreign, strange and unusual. FYI, excuse my IT lingo; these words are used profusely when describing Malaysian food. Curries are considered exotic and traditional, asam pedas are purely ethnic, ABC: variation of exotic beans and jellies! Are we not Malaysian to realize that those few examples are common dishes in restaurants nation-wide? Why do these magazines depict them as such? Are we strangers in our own country? It seems more appalling to know that these magazines are not published anywhere else outside the country. So let us leave our spoons and forks or wash our hands and make our fingers free for letters and e-mails; some Malaysian writers needs to be 'chillied' by the likes of us patriotic food lovers.


Irzan said...

Is that you? You look so00oo different from your madba blog la. Maybe the complexion, i dunno.

Life is cool baby. Live it!!!

Irzan said...

:) thanks for the comment .. i linked yah!

afiq said...

It's called photo editing..Haha.. I'll look diff when i get mad anyways.. Yeah.. i'll link you to..

Sandrabbdv said...

:) thanks for the comment .. i linked yah!

Fisher said...

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