parliment, clean underwear and Dr. Phil

I love parliment drama. Selalunya I'll listen to Yahoo Music but today... I just feel like listening to our Yang Berhormats bickering. Music to the ears of rakyat. Bangun pukul 3 petang. I don't feel like reading any newspaper today because.... because I don't feel like reading it.

I'm feeling a bit pathetic today because:
1.No more clean underwear
2.No more clean socks
3.I'm trying to instill 'self-worth' in me
4.So I'm feeling pathetic because I just can't.
5.Bleh sambungka?
madba: It's ur bloglah Admiral Stupid
6.Tired of reading Dr. Phil's self-matters book
7.Sick of everything 'architecture'
8.Sick of teh o ais
9.Sick of having to buy things for portfolioday

not a good day. Period. Imagine replacing that word with haid. I'll give it a try..
not a good day. Haid.
Cool jugak..hmm...


kid said... the time i read this post, i went, 'phew, nasib baik my undies ada lagi..' afq, kalo dah nazak, pakai jek!dirty socks still ok la..and try teh o ice limau..*lime..?send regard to noemi..n kuhaz and sue.

Skinny said...

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