Wacko Jacko KO?

I've always had the impression that Michael Jackson is going to live for a good 3 centuries. I figured when he reach the big five 'o' he would fake his own death and live in outer space with his beloved sister Janet in a space hub.

He would do his moondancing on the moon and fly around like Peter Pan while playing futuristic video games.

Whenever he gets bored with Janet, he would play gravity defying squash alone in a zen inspired cube. You don't have to imagine hard to visualise this, just watch one of his music videos:

You know what?

He's not dead.

He is in outer space right now. The dead body is one of Michael Jackson's impersonators. He didn't bring along Janet though (because all Janet impersonators have penises and this will not fly with doctors who will be conducting her post mortem.)

The King of Pop left earth and became the intergalactical God of Pop.



Moonwalking with Ben while Saint Pete plays Black & White on his Harp by the Pearly Gates.


Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun.

In memorium 26 March 2009.

The day I created the MJ Salad: Only everything that needs to be peeled can go into he Salad.

Peeling potatoes in memory of the great MJ. Bawls.... huhuhu...