NEDA Alert

The turmoil in Iran has become an emosional issue for me. I know for a fact that many self-professed 'Islamist' (a term used for people who wants to reinstate the Islamic chaliphate) supports Ahmadinejad for his strong opposition of western countries and Israel but fuck them, they don't know how it feels to live in Iran so who are they to judge? They may support Ahmadinejad's ideology but can ideology provide economical and social progression?



Ideologi was NADA for NEDA!! Nada!, Zilch!, Ilek!..

Moja Amin said...

I'm on my way to address some opinions regarding this too. Allow me to post this clip, afiq.

Aren't we supposedly stronger with Quran on our side?
Islamic revolution in Iran is a joke. Seriously, I cried. Fuck it. Why Muslims always turn out to be like this?

Earthling said...

So Afiq, how does it feel to live in Iran ?

fizi said...

so what do you reckon? I believe you have exhausted all channels of information on Iran and its political situation before making this post

Afiq Deen said...

i think the turmoil in Iran as strictly internal. the mullahs in iran is also disputing the polls result. Neda wasn't killed violently. it was a stray bullet used to scare away demonstrators from protesting violently.

remember how CNN and BBC portrayed Malaysia in 1998?

but i'm very much against ahmadinejad's style of governance. many talented people escaped Iran because they felt that the Islamic revolution was restricting their freedom to develop Iran in various aspect of life.