Michael Jackson Died a Muslim...

But they don't want you to know that.

MJ was sadly mistaken about muslim attire and wore a full length robe with burqa (god bless his confused soul)

The moment I heard Michael Jackson died, I was glued to the television for updates. I watched Jermaine Jackson's speech Live on CNN. After Jermaine Jackson gave his official statement of his little brother's death, he ended his heart wrenching speech with "May Allah be with you Michael, always."

But when I watch other updates on CNN, Channel E and MTV the following day, the "May Allah be with you Michael, always" part was cut out from Jermaine's speech.

I was later informed that only the Live edition didn't cut out the sentence but when the public statement was aired after the day of Michael's death, the sentence was cut off to shorten Jermaine's speech.

Imagine what would happen when television channels in Muslim countries censor out "May Jesus Christ be with him" when a christian pop star dies:

  1. Western media will pressure these countries to have more 'freedom of speech'.
  2. Catholic and Christian churches will sign petitions to these countries to allow public broadcast of the words Jesus and Christ.
  3. Hardcore evangelists will organise peaceful demonstrations to sympathise with Christians and Catholics who are living in Muslim countries.
  4. Sacha Baron Cohen will create a new character, Constantine the III, for a new movie about a hardcore evangelists whose mission is to convert muslims to Christianity in the middle east.

Now I know why the Iranian government blocked western media from reporting within the country during the string of post-election demonstrations.


Ted Baker said...

cant wait for the ceremony.

mlle said...

strongly agree with ur assumptions, and the last sentence of this post, kudos.

Dammit said...

All the videos/ interviews that related to MJ's death are being repeated in the Tv, but not this one.

Anonymous said...

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