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I'm currently preparing a storyboard for a short clip about energy conservation. Do you realise when cartoon characters has a new idea, a typical phallic bulb will suddenly appear on their heads?
One of the most effective ways of minimizing the usage of electricity is by using energy saving bulbs.
So in the clip I'm making, whenever a person has an idea, an energy saving bulb will appear on their heads and this will trigger a widespread realization of the importance and benefits of energy saving bulbs.
A simple idea for a simple clip.



The Essence of Mentolity!

mlle said...

Talking about films, I am now watching participanting films for for the Bobs Awards of FILM LONDON:

Am looking forward for the outcome of your film ---> esp on how the people reacted over the pop-out energy saving bulbs^^

Mr NAEmnzr said...

show tornado style energy saving bulb.hehe...

all the best!

idungivadamn said...

simple idea but it could bring a whole lot of meanings..
when d bulb pops could mean:
i. whoa,i got an idea on how to conserve energy!
ii. whoa,i got this brilliant idea on my school project n it costs like only 0.999 watts of power!
iii. whoa, i gotta buy a light bulb
my mom's asked for or she's gonna kill me!

that's just me.mayb other ppl have different interpretations for ur clip...simple n creative dude