My Birthday Wish

God forgive all my sins and my parents' sins.

God, Bapak is an honest and kind man. His honesty backfired countless times but he carried on with his life and tried his best to provide for us. He's a simple man. Happiness for him is to own a house with a post-colonial design with ample space for him to rear his chickens and plant his japanese roses. God oh God, please grant this simple request because he needs to believe that you were with him when he stood his ground and told the truth.

God, Umi is a strong woman. She's a fighter and she has been fighting all her life. God, God, God, she suffered so much already. Give her peace of mind and good judgement. Give her your eternal blessings. Give her your love and warmth.

God, I hope you keep your words and ease their life journey from here on.

God, Uncle Lan and Mama Ida looked after my brother like their own son so please grant them longevity so they can cycle around the world and be back just in time for their nephew's kenduri nikah. They comforted me with their kind words and support when I was emotionally hurt and for that, I pray to you that you comfort them with your blessings when they get hurt.

God, Makcik Nani and Uncle Amir looked after me when I was in Matriculation. They tended to my every needs with so much love as if I am their son. I am forever grateful with what they have done so please God, please grant them with your blessings.

God, Auntie Tijah and Uncle Lee fed me brown rice and macrobiotic food when I'm scrawny and malnourished. They compensated my dietary needs with their dinners, kenduris and macrobiotic carrot cakes. They assisted me financially when I'm broke so God, never ever broke their hearts unnecessarily.

God, Uncle Art and Auntie As inspired me to get a flashy red car when I get my first big pay cheque. So God, please extend your blessings to me so I can get me one of those flashy cars myself and show it off to them and not let them test drive it.

God, Tok Nab took care of me when I was smaller and cooked all my favourite dish. She shows her love with her cooking and everytime I visit her, I will be 10 kg heavier... with love of course. She shared to me her wisdom and gave me valuable advise. God, extend her long life so she could see me get married and have kids.

God, Mak Chaq have been so kind to me all her life. Almost everynight, she would unlock the door so I can get in the house in the middle of the night. I pray for her health and well being.

God, Auntie Da helped me out now and then and took me out for dinner so many times that I lost count. I hope she will make a political comeback after successfully getting her degree. God, introduce to her your kind of man, you know, a man that can take care of her and motivate her so she could reach the stars.

God, Uncle Bal recently had a new baby boy. Grant Anas the best of health so he can grow up to serve You the best way that he can.

God, Umi Yang is a free spirited hippy with a heart of gold. She is a resilient and adventurous person so give her courage when she is in need of it. She listened to all my problems so please God, listen to hers too. She gave me guidance so it is only fair that you give her guidance whenever she's lost.

God, Tok Nda is a very strong lady. She is the best. The best lah. She is the coolest grandmother a grandson can ever ask. Grant her long life and eternal happiness.

God, grant Hadi, Saiful, Putera, Nael, Arine, Hariz, Natalia, Fareez, Diyana, Nazreen and Sarah your blessings. My cousins are like my brothers and sisters so I would appreciate it if you give them sufficient guidance.
And to my friends! Extend your helping hands to them whenever they are in need.

God, I hope you grant all my birthday wishes.



Indah Cuma Seketika.... said...

Hope all your wishes... di makbulkan... amin...Happy Birthday...

~FaRiDzUl LaILy FuDzALi~ said...

happy besday..
smoga dpnjgkn umur dan dmurahkn rezki..diberkati ALLAH...amin

emma songall said...

Selamat Hari Lahir.
Semoga hidup kamu lebih diberkati dan dirahmati.

Afiq Deen said...

terima kasih emma, FLF and ICS. : D

lifeinside said...

married and have kids?