Any Questions?

"Ye Afiq Deen...?"

Szuraiha looked at me with her twinkly eyes.

"Hah!" Alamak, kantoi tengah sketch UFO dan tidak memberi perhatian dalam kelas. "But I didn't ask anything!"

"But you have a question for me now, no?"

"No, I don't Szuraiha."

Szuraiha gave me a faint smile and proceed with her next topic. "Typical!" I thought to myself. "Just because I ask one question everyday, everyone assumes that I am the Lord of Questions and should therefore fill the required question quota."

Babi betol.

That's how things are in UIA or any institution where malays are the majority. I can't explain why but malay students dislike asking questions. The only people in my class who asks questions are foreigners and myself. Oh yeah, and Kak Zihan. Kak Zihan asks stupid questions. I never believed in 'stupid questions' but boy oh boy, whatever that comes out from this girl's mouth that ends with a question mark is remarkably stupid.

I asked Megat and he told me that I wouldn't understand why malay students dislike asking questions because I was schooled in private schools.

"Pelajar melayu dah diajar secara subliminal supaya tak tanya atau mempersoal guru-guru mereka."

Amboi DBP sungguh rakanku ini. Megat also told me that asking questions is deemed disrespectful and kurang ajar in the malay culture.

"I can relate to that."

I never asked about anything other than the obvious to my parents. Google and Yahoo! taught me what I need to know about sex. It was truly coincidental that I learnt about orgy, BDSM, gangbang and anal sex the same day I searched for the word 'sex'.

Oh yeah, if I'm not kurang ajar enough, I call lecturers with no doctorate of phD by their first name. I don't think it's wrong, do you?
I just think we're all equals in the eyes of God.



In my first month of first year I used to read up in advance for every subject so I already knew what the lecturer was going to talk about.

I used to enjoy classes question and answering with the Professers (Socratic method) Especially Prof Syed Jafer Hussein until one of my my colleagues (actually more than one) approached and asked me to stop.

Bcoz they don't read prior to going to classes.

Biasa-ler kan minta Lecturer spoon feed.

Kalau check diarang punya notes, lecturer punya jokes pun salin...

farah haris said...

kewl.imagining my future students call me just "farah". sounds cool. haha

z.m said...

i think uia tu kot yg tak cool haha

Anonymous said...

u talking about god, now thats something.

cikgu ina said...


i am a university lecturer and most kids call me miss. which is cool. bila dapat phd sure syok if they call me 'the doctor' like Dr.Who. but i have a group of students who decided to call me 'cikgu'. which i found so adorable and full of love. because we all looked like a bunch of ingrates, ruffians, and vagrants. but thats just my classes.
oh, i teach in a private uni, so lots of chinese and indian, not many malay. pun tak reti ask questions. how to have interesting discussions when nobody is testing theories and methods?

jadi kanak-kanak, sila soalkan cikgu anda. ;)

Anonymous said...

uia??hey my angah blaja kt situ!heheh major apa??

Anonymous said...

''Oh yeah, if I'm not kurang ajar enough, I call lecturers with no doctorate of phD by their first name. I don't think it's wrong, do you?''
i dunt tink it's wrong...i call evribody wif their nem!!!(xcept ma mom n abah)