1 am

I went clubbing at one of Penang's 'safest' clubs. It is considered safe because the club strictly prohibits drugs of any kind. I ordered Sprite and sat on the balcony to watch how pimps and their whores operate.
I studied how whores used the art of seduction to seduce drunk men. There is a system, you see. Miss A will grind herself against Mr.B to figure out what turns Mr.B on. Okay, so Miss A finds out that Mr.B likes ass so Miss A calls Miss S to replace her. Miss S is an ugly whore with an unusually large ass. Miss S gives Mr. B a little feel before whispering Mr.B her service charge. Mr.B agrees and off they go to a neaby hotel or motel.

By distributing whores with focused assets to delusional potential customers, the pimp is actually defying the Law of Diminishing Returns because no whore will be left unattanded by the end of the morning because of the gradual and steady rate of 'employment'.
But there were times when two whores with similar focused assets faces limited market opportunity. When this happens, they will ward each other off the potential customer with coarse language whispered audibly to each other's ears or to a grind-off. A grind-off is a grinding competition in which the subject of grind is the potential customer.

I think I finally found out why I don't like to go clubbing. There are so many things happening simultaneously and because of my tendency to over-analyse, I will over-indulge myself in the intricacy of mind-numbing chaos that will leave me feeling nauseous and light-headed.

I prefer analyzing the full moon, crushing waves and the clear velvet sky because there is very little to know about these mighty treasures of God and yet my heart feasted greedily at the very sight of them.

God is Great.

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