Racist Promotion

In line with Pacific's latest voucher promotion, the store used two large ladies as their mascots. Although the selection of models can be deemed as insensitive towards large/ fat/ gemok/ dugong/ boyot people, this notion is understandable because it is for the Ganjaran 'Berganda' Ulang Tahun.
However I find this promotion ad positively racist. Take a look for yourself:
Now, why is the malay lady only holding RM150 worth of voucher when the chinese lady a whopping RM400?
Is it because Pacific thinks malay consumers spends less money shopping at its stores? Or is it because Pacific thinks the chinese are much wealthier than the malays and sees it fit to display the economical difference with its ads?
Or is it just me and my racist malay supremacy sentiments?

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Muhammad Khairuddin said...

i think it's just you heheh :)