My Birthday: This Friday

This Friday, I will turn 22. This is my birthday wishlist:

1. I want good books with substance (novels)

2. I want cheese cake. I like cheese + I like cake =I love cheese cake.

3. I want people to not question my authority as the King of the Day.

4. I want a new keyboard because the keyboard I bought from a makcik from Puchong dah rosak and is unrepairable.

5. I want to not get angry when I realise that no one will bother getting what I want. Hahaha. Sedih tapi... Hahahaha. It happens every year but... Hahahaha.

6. I want to not get depressed and lock myself in my room because the key of happiness is selflessness.

7. Instead of waiting and anticipating for people to celebrate the existence of myself, I want to celebrate existence itself.

8. I want to start praying regularly and without fail.

9. I want to want to be better in everything. Everything.


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