Corntoz's Express Yourself

So many bloggers participated in this competition so I might as well do the same. 3oo Corntoz and 2 Fast 2 Corntoz are parody videos about two average joes who decided to enjoy their Corntoz in extreme situations.

Do I have shot of winning this competition? Seriously, I don't have the slightest clue because so many people are participating including famous bloggers like Kenny Sia and Cheesy.

Credits to my fellow actors: Hadi my younger brother, Nael my eldest cousin along with Natalia, Nisa and Nazreen.


You can watch other submitted videos here and don't forget to vote for my videos.

I think it's funny but who am I judge my own work?


Moja Amin said...


I Love them both!

mlle said...

The 300 Corntoz is hilarious! I think u stand a chance^^

Mr NAEmnzr said...

LUV d 2nd clip: )
all the best afiq!!

Afiq Deen said...

really? im glad 3 ppl think its funny. hahaha. i'm worried because i thought i was so syok sendiri i didnt notice the obvious flaws.

ila ni said...

3 ppl think its funny and one ppl thinks it is erm.. cant say more. the actors are trying so hard to look funny i guess..?
at least im trying so hard to be honest ;p
*harap-harap tak kena smash bg komen mcm ni!*

Afiq Deen said...

haha. yeah... that's the point actually. i want them to look unvoluntarily funny because they are not actors or comedians. they are my cousins and brother.