Got Milk?

I'm currently preparing a storyboard for a milk ad competition. Soon after I was informed about the competition, a CFL lightbulb popped above my head!
I like to make videos that I can relate to. For me, when I make an ad about a product I truly believe, the believability of the presentation is apparent. Like all of you, I drank my mother's milk and baby formulas until I was 6. From the age of six to seventeen, I drank two glasses of milk everyday. Guess what brand did I stick to? Haha, it was Everyday.
Now I drink milk only when it is available, like when there's a carton in the fridge or if I walk pass a grocery store but I would like to think that I compensated my calcium needs nowadays by eating a lot of cheese.
Not blue cheese though. The only time I ate blue cheese was when we had our very own Fear Factor challenge during hotel buffets.
My favourite snack is cheese stick. I would nibble on them for hours on end and scrap every ounce of cheese left even when the cheddar is visibly finished. And my favourite food: pasta carbonara has both cheese and milk.
So in a nutshell, milk is an intergral part of myself and even though the prize offered is... ermmm.. not so tempting but I will make the ad anyway because I believe.
I believe... (cue to puke)
And also I need to add another win to my resume because I'll be working soon.