Start of Something New

Next month I will be finishing my last sem in UIA. At the same time, I will also be looking for work or internship in KL. I'm currently looking for an available room that I can rent so I can move in next month.
This is all very new and daunting to me. It's a scary prospect but I have to do it. I don't have rich parents to sustain me until I can afford my own house. I don't want to live and work in my comfort zone because I want to grow, learn and master my craft. I believe that a pebble can only be polished when it is under pressure. I want to make it big. I want to be the best in what I do. And I want it so very bad that I'll do anything! (that's permissible in Islam)
Today is a good day to start an important phase in my life.
Today is the start of something new.


aqila said...


YayaEdna said...

Afiq.happy birthday!may god bless u..keep updating your blog as i l0ve to read it like hell ;p

mlle said...

Happy birthday Afiq. God blesses you.
You can look for Apartment Abdullah Hukum which is a new apartment in Bangsar. I think it's easily access to any part of city centre because my friend who is freshly graduated managed to pay for the rent and she works in KL too.
Your birthday wishes is the most touching.
All the best!

Moja Amin said...

"I don't want to live and work in my comfort zone because I want to grow, learn and master my craft"

I had a bad day today, but you've just reminded me the simplest thing that I almost forgotten.

Happy birthday.

Semoga panjang umur, dan berjumpa apa yang dicari.

Afiq Deen said...

thank you moja amin (how do you pronounce moja, mo-ha?)

oy ming from miri! how are you? thanks for the info but I already shortlisted my potential landlords.

yaya, hell is not a good place to be used as a simile.

Sara Z. said...

what course are you doing in uia?

mlle said...

hi i'm fine thank u:)
you are most welcome.
ah, should have known Afiq is good in preparing everything before hand.
All the best!