Malaysia VS Indonesia

"Hah!, Hoish! Hah! Hish....! Hah!"
Lee Chong Wei is up against Taufik Hidayat in Indonesia Open and my stepmother is having a slight seizure.
"Haaa! Macam tu lah!"
Since last night, whenever a Malaysian double or single is playing against Korea, China, India or Indonesia, the crowd will roar YEAH at the opposing team and chant the name of the country as if Korea and China were a part of Indonesia.
"Yess! Chanteq!"
They hates us so much that when the shuttlecock reaches Malaysia's side of the court they will abruptly BOO us. Kurang asam.
My stepmother sighs in despair. Lee Chong Wei is known for his sudden attitude swing but...
"Yeah! Hah! Padan muka! Main kotoq lagi! Padan muka!"
Lee Chong Wei needs one more point to defeat Taufik who have won Indonesia Open six years in a row.
Her phone rings.
"Ye bang.. Takda pa eh. Haah, Malaysia dah menang. Dak eh, Zura tak over excited lah! Apa? dengaq sampai kat kedai mamak? Hahaha, takdak lah!"

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Anonymous said...

siyes ke dgr smpi kdai mamak?