Deadline: Tomorrow!

I need 15 people to act as if they are clubbing for 1 minute TODAY.
I brainstormed for ideas while playing with my keyboard last night. Anyone who knows me well will know that when I take out my keyboard and make weird Bjork/Imogen Heap music, it means that I'm in a state of chaotic meditation, haha.
Thanks Adam for telling me about the competition 2 days before it ends. Seriously, thanks a lot (not trying to be sarcastic)
Now I've to persuade people to dance to the tune of a techno song. Bukan susah suruh makcik kueh menari, tak susah. Senang je. She'll be happy to show the music video to her grandchildren one day while proclaiming her coolness by singing a classic Syair to a hip hop beat.


dian said...

wah makcik jual kueh?

try makcik janitor

anyway, goodluck !

Qarl said...

nk dance!!!

nk join!!!

all d best afiq..

i know u CAN do it!

shamel said...

Aaiihh..jaohnye aku dr kampus kao. Klu x da bleh join. I love dancing like terkin-kinja. Mcm tuh la kan techno.

Mr NAEmnzr said...

ALL THE BEST 4 dis project k; )