That is how I'm like when I stare at the ceiling to contemplate about my life or life in general. I lift up my legs against a wall so my brain can operate faster. I will close my eyes and imagine myself lying down on a vast field and make sense of the gray clouds.
I'm currently reading Musa Bakri's Towards a Competitive Malaysia and is amazed with the sergeon's insights of what he thinks will make Malaysia become more productive.
It's amazing how people can simplify the complexity of human life by arranging the nature of human actions and reactions. David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche recorded their observation to make terms with their perception of life using philosopy. Sun Tzu used his insights and applied them to his war strategies.
In a sense, everything perceptible to us are small sets of jigsaw puzzles that can be arranged and fitted to larger ones and this continues in what I believe to be continuous and eternal.
The only thing that drives us to complete the 'puzzles' is our enquiry of own existence.
"I stick my finger into existence - it smells of nothing. Where am I? What is this thing called the world? Who is it that has lured me into the thing, and now leaves me here? Who am I? How did I come into the world? Why was I not consulted?" -Kierkegaard
Haha. Why was I not consulted? That bit is funny. Who would've known philosophers can be so funny!


Qarl said...


dats why most of us have to take d course of 'PHILOSOPHY'

Mr NAEmnzr said...

i m still trying to solve that puzzles of life!

Anonymous said...

has anyone told u that ur like gay dream come true. cute, fair, smart and righfully vain. dont worry afiq, its me andrea c. And folks, seriously, he's not gay. He spent a good 2 minutes staring at my boobs when I was reading a newspaper.


Afiq Deen said...

I wasnt staring at your boobs. I was appreciating the grooves of the weird necklace u wore the other day.

Mr NAEmnzr said...

: )