Tak Sedap Hati

I don't feel well today. I'm down with fever but I have this weird slimy feeling in my throat. It kind of explains the malay expression Tak Sedap Hati.

Oh well, I know 3 three things that can make me feel better.

1. Do laundry or iron clothes
2. Go to the panggung wayang to watch new movies
3. Walk around KL with my handycam

These three things never fail to lift my spirit. I'm planning to do all three. I can go to KL, watch a movie and shoot beautiful scenes, come back home and do my laundry. Heaven I tell you : )
I want to make a fan video clip for Yuna's Rocket. I think it's a lovely song sung by a lovely girl with a lovely voice. I'm not planning anything ambitious though, just a compilation of scenes of Kuala Lumpur.


Benrauf said...

weh afiq. next time if you dont feel well, take a visit to my place. aku ada byk baju belum laundry. ko boleh basuh semua skali sampai ko sehat kembali. :D

Qarl said...

agreed with benrauf!!!

byk gk my shirts yg x iron & x basuh!

new movies??

i juz watched sexdrive.. cool!

Akmal Azeman said...

i like ur idea. :)

btw. im currently doing my video project. any suggestion of wat i can use for sound recording? huhu

Dammit said...

yeay yuna yeay! haha

dian said...

...that easy to unwind?

bagus !

Afiq Deen said...

Hahahaha. Ini exploitasi.

For sound recording? All cameras have their own recorder so I don't see the problem. What is the problem anyway? I'll be happy to help.

Akmal Azeman said...

im making a poetry video..so every sound and image is just damn vital (haihh!). there were few scenes whr we used the cam's recorder. but we need to do the voice recording separately for most of the scenes. n yeah....with bkground music as well. so any advice on tht?

Farie Amrah said...

sayang yuna..
hehe!! n_n

Afiq Deen said...

peh. So basic. FOr those problems, consult with the all-knowing guru: Cikgu Google. Hahaha.