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Laundry on a rainy day. To make things worse, the drier was out of order. Fish! I prefer my clothes to be machine-dried because it opens up the air passages in the fabric and leave a certain scent to it. A scent that smells like a remote cottage overlooking an ocean of purple and white tulips (inspired by an image used by a certain softener company)
You know how people fill up void and unexpressive cubicle walls with Mau Hisab? Call Siti 012-888 8888 or Gay boy need big chinese Lin, call 016-888 8888? I was surprised to see a map of borneo, parts of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea drawn on a cubicle door. It was also quite accurate except that the Papua New Guinea drawn is dangerously close to Borneo.
I'm learning the secrets of Metalanguage and the psychology of common brit teens. I recommend Skins to anyone who can understand brit accented english. Brit as in Jamie Oliver or David Beckham and not Ben Kingsley or the Queen. Skins is basically a teen drama revolving around believable characters in believable situations. Allan Pease is the writer of a book I bought last year, Body Language. Now not can I only decipher handwritings, I can also 'read' people's behavior and tune mine to get what I want.
I accompanied a friend who was in a shopping frenzy. Not having sufficient money to do my own shopping, I spent 7 hours studying people's behavior, discussing politics with bored promoters and take random pictures. This long sleeve tee reminds me of someone. I can't quite put my finger on who but I know it's someone I know.
No matter how I tell people that I won't become an architect, I can still be intrigued by architectural details. When the pipes, air-con vents and other services are exposed in a chaotic manner, it makes the space below it seems orderly and systematic. I call it the illusion of contrast but architects have a genre for it.
I enrolled myself in Public Speaking on Contemporary Issue class. Supposedly I will develop my own style of speaking and master the art of public speaking. I don't want to brag or anything but like Beyonce, I have an alter ego that shines when I speak in public. Even though I stutter and mumble when I talk to friends or family, when I speak in front of a lot of people, (they say lah) I'm a reflection of Adolf Hitler's charisma. They say lah...
Security mirrors on deposit machines. They should put mirrors on ATMs to and while they're at it, put a big mirror above the ATM so people waiting in line can fix their hair or powder their pimples.
I watched a half an hour monologue entitled Hayat 2. It's a literal interpretation of death and hell by two very good actors. Although it sent chills up my spine when the actor drank air nanah aka Sunkist cordial, I thought the interpretations were too literal and in a way it ostracized the enigma of death. It made the process so simple when I know for a fact that it is actually beyond our understanding. They should've at least acted out metaphoric representations of the unknown. Or something I don't/won't/will not understand.
I don't get why we were taught not to wander outside during dusk but dusk is probably the most beautiful moment in a day. If the dusk is represented by a living creature, humans will get my vote. We are so much like the dusk. The dusk is neither bright nor dark, neither hot nor cold and full of colourful emotion.
Well folks, banyakkan selawat and Happy Maulidur Rasul!

6 comments: said...

maghrib = syaiton feast.


Qarl said...

salaam maulidurrasul too afiq...

sutheshkumar said...

where did you buy the Skins dvd?
been looking for it!

Afia said...

ape ?
cuci baju 2 ringgit je?
kat sini rm2.50
hhaha ;)

Afiq Deen said...

3rd floor at Sungei Wang. But they dont sell the first season of skins though.

lifeinside said...

1) skins is played out by jamal aka dev patel, and there's one naked scene.

2) adolf hitler practiced in front of mirror, if you do that, congratulations.

3) organised informations are exactly the definition of "knowledge".

4) definition of human is exactly the dusk. i agree.