Must Study!

1. Notes are readily on the desk and powerpoint slides on the laptop. Oh wait, what's that in the corner of the room. A mountain of dirty clothes! Must do laundry first.

2. Okay, all clothes are clean and ironed. Ready to hit the books. Let's start with the first book shall we? Oh gosh, the cover is just so dusty. Come to think of it... (switches on the main light) the whole room is dusty! Must clean room first!
3. Alright, ma room is squeakay clean... Let's start with the first slide (opens desktop folder) Oh wait, what's this? Grey's Anatomy 511? Oh damn, yang ni tak tengok lagi ni. How to get peace of mind if I don't know what happens between Christina and Dr. Hann? Must watch Grey's Anatomy 511 first!
4. Settle, Dr. Hann finally kissed Christina and confessed his crush to her. (opens notebook) CNC should be given to both the employor.. Hah! Employor? I need to correct this. Where's my pen again... (looks for pen) Ahah! (finds a blue pen) Employer. Okay. Eh tak ngam lah the colour... How am I suppose to study with different colours on my written notes. Must buy black pen first!
5. Set! Eh hungry pulak. Must eat first!
6. Okay full already. Where were we... where were we... Oh right, notes. (Reads half a page) My back is aching. Better lie on the bed while reading. (Reads the other half) Why sleepy all of a sudden? Maybe because I didn't get enough sleep last night. Must take a nap first!
7. Refreshed and revitalized. Time to get busy baby! The Interim certificate... oh wait, Dr. Asiah said something about this part. (Takes out pen and writes note extension) Oh fish! I poked a hole on the paper! Need to get something to support the frail paper. (Finds a newspaper nearby and puts it under the paper) Interim certificate dictates that... the filmmaking revolution taking place in Malaysia is... Why didn't I read this article on this newspaper before? Must read interesting article first!
8. Done. It's a good day to study folks so let's get started. (Looks around) It's midnight already! Dunkin Damn! I better sleep now so I could study early in the morning tomorrow. Must get my beauty sleep first!

9. (Wakes up, takes shower and changes clothes) Second page.... Oh wait, breakfast is the most important meal of the day (padahal dah tiga tahun tak makan breakfast) Must eat breakfast first!
10. Perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong now. Second page.... Something's growling down under. Must be the sambal nasi lemak. Must go to toilet first!
11. Fuckity fuck! I will never study if this goes on. Must concentrate! Must focus! Must meditate first!



ila ni said...

ohkokhokoh macam sama je. apakah masyarakat dunia masa kini dijangkiti penyakit-penyakit sebegini?oh!

Adam M.A said...

oit budak..

my fren experience inner being vibration when he meditates with zikirs.

that could be better than saying 'aum / Om' cos your not actually reading the vedas. :)


Orang dulu-dulu distracted by Tetris. I think you should... (alamak dah lama tak main Solitaire..)....

tia said...

just take a deep breathe.

alamak saya pun lupa buat yang no satu tuh.
dah seminggu.
abislah kena beratur balik nanti..

Lisa Farhana said...

focus focus! hahahah

Mr NAEmnzr said...

u cn do it.
all the best 4 ur exam ya.

Afiq Deen said...


huda said...

heyy! came across your blog through stumble upon and I must say you are an interesting person!

have a nice day ahead!

i doubt you know me since I'm from Singapore and coincidentally I'm an architecture(well interior) student who doesn't wanna be an architect

RazFiRa said...

haha afiq..

serious..bile nak bukak buku je mesti ade byk halangan..

lubnaaa said...


This sounds like me.

All the best Afiq!