The End of This Blog

I've been blogging for three years now. Yesterday I read my past entries and realized that this blog have hurt many people. It hurt my estranged mom, my father and most importantly, it caused termendous dilemma to myself.
My blog gets 500 hits everyday and every month, I will get a dozen e-mails. Almost half of these emails are hate mails. I collected enemies with this blog and every week my car will get egged. Even the commenters underestimates me on a regular basis. Some think of me as a hypocrit and others see me as an ambitious young man who will realize later the world ain't that full of hopes and dreams after all. These people see themselves in me, as the younger impressionable version of themselves. They look at themselves today and can only see the misery that engulfs their hopes and trampled on their dreams.
These people contacted me and told me how I resemble them when they were younger. They asked me about my dreams and hopes before telling me they wished for the same things before. And then they'll tell me how I should be prepared to be bombarded with frustration and failures.
They told me that 'people like us' will never lead successful lives. "Who are these people?" I asked them.
"People like us who reads ID mags, listen to jazz and have sophisticated taste in everything." they answered.
"I'm nothing like that." I refuted.
"That's what we said when we were your age!" They laughed.
You know who you are. All 23 of you. Oh yes, you're not the only one.
I'm sick and tired listening to all your 'forecasting'. I don't want to entertain people like you anymore. You guys make me sick to my stomach andI still don't see why you have to belittle me with your 'vast experience' with life. For that reason, and also for a fact that most of my readers are emo girls and self proclaimed fags, I'm going to close this blog and lead my life bloglessly.
This will be my last entry.
Thank you all for reading and participating.
To those 23 post-Afiqs, I hope you realize that you are sore losers.
To my brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and ex-girlfriends, we still have Facebook to communicate with eachother.
I guess this is it.
Good bye and god bless.


Hariz Mohammed Shazalli said...

Bro, bukak kedai pulak.. mai U.S. tolong buat nasi lemak.

Aqmal said...

self-fulfilling prophecy really.

but no, don't go. we actually do enjoy your rants. if you don't address the issues, who will? really, think about it.

RazFiRa said...


jgn ler..

KakaXY said...

yeah right!

rehan who said...

april fool or not, to stop or to go on is your decision. i, as a silent reader, will respect that.

Akmal Azeman said...

cool. God bless n gud bye. heh. said...

There are more people who like your blog than hating it Afiq..

you are the only person that have been nominated in 3 category in Blogger Awards 2008/09.

Teruskan blogging Afiq !

saya said...

shut up!!!!!!

SleepingBeauty said...

Oh no.

No more Afiq.


tia said...

la..abes tade lagi short film ke?
tak faham la..
baru nak suggest buat cerita mengenai schizo..

Lisa Farhana said...

biar betul?

no way!


God Bless.

Good one. Lirpa Loof.

Other wise- You still can be a dreamer and achieve those dreams. Many have. I have.

I don't understand people who trample other peoples dreams. Crab-in-a-bucket people.

Lala said...

aduish...i just started reading your post yesterday la afiq...
don't go..
agak ketinggalan coz just found ur blog yesterday la afiq...
april fool ke???

emma songall said...

i hope that this is not a prank post since its April Fool.

Mr NAEmnzr said...


all the best then!
take care

Lady RoRa said...

hmm.. if thats so, then im surely gonna miss ur writing, though i may not like it all, but the posts were sincere. all d best afiq.

mgiL said...

rilek aa..kau pulak yg emo