Earth Hour In Malaysia a Success?

They claim it will be a success lah, with only 10% of Malaysians in Kuala Lumpur who shut off all electricity appliances for one whole hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm.
What a load of bull.
First of all, WHY?
WHY? Why do it in the first place? To save electricity by having a few thousands of houses and buildings to switch off the air con and lights. Now I know why the Kedai Mamak will be full during Earth Hour. Switch off your lights then go to Kedai Mamak... How very convenient. How lah to instil kesedaran like that.
Might as well switch everything off everytime you go anywhere outside. Cannot lah Afiq, nanti pencuri datang.
The way I see it, equip your house with a security alarm and then switch off everything when you go out. By then, not only the potential thief (and you) will be alerted of their presence, the thief will find your house a living hell because the thief will probably trip over everything (because it's so dark) and fall onto a broken vase.
Save electricity.
Secure house.
Thief dies.
Everyone's happy.


Moja Amin said...

I try not to be pessimistic, but when it comes to fellow Malaysians, it's hard. I tried to run a small campaign around my campus, and you know, how the management usually react.

still 3rd class mentality it is.

i hope someone will switch off the main switches, for the namesake of Malaysia, will not be put to shame. setakat KL tower go black, not really an achievement I must say.

Benrauf said...

errr...i thaught earth hour is this saturday. March 28th. Am I wrong?

dian said...

that is exactly what am i about to say lah benrauf

it has not take place yet

where did u get the figure afiq?

KakaXY said...

Earth Hour is on 28th lah..

Afiq Deen said...

and your point being......

it is on the 28th.

(I dont get y ur telling me its on the 28th)

Qaisy Jaslenda said...

I think what they were trying to say is,

"Don't be too pessimistic, Afiq. The thing is just not yet to happen"

Instead of predicting everyone who lives in Malaysia is ignorant enough to ignore the campaign, why don't you use your popularity through blogging to remind them (in your own way) about the campaign?

Or maybe this is your way to remind them?? hurmm

It's your blog anyway.
cheers ;)

Anonymous said...

u seem like one of those people who's negative and pessimistic... agreed with Qaisy... we're not all ignorant.. i feel its worth the effort... not too late to join the campaign dude... ;-)...chill... it hasn't even started yet. Uni's should support this also.

Afiq Deen said...

i am actually telling ppl to do it by telling them its a waste of time.


Look it up.

Anonymous said...

yeahh rite...

Afiq Deen said...

But still, dont do it.

im going around kl tomorrow to check betol ke orang2 poyo ni nak buat betol2

Anonymous said...

Afiq I understand your feelings, you're angry and frustrated on Malaysian's hypocrisy in general.

And you guys, you don't know Afiq. This guy brings his own tupperware to buy food, ride a bicycle even when he has a car, bring his trash to the recycling center and even made recycling ads.

I mean, do you guys even do anything that he does? I don't think so.

When we were in school together, when everyone else did researh about the environment online in our form5 geo class, Afiq went to Sungai Kokol, which was polluted, took pictures of the river, forced an explaination from the director of both DBKK and the water company, and came to class with bruises because he got chased by dogs of a paint factory because he recorded how the company threw paints into the river.

If I remember well you got an A+. Until today I dont think it was worth your while because I only googled and got an A-. But you did it anyway.

There's a malay saying to reflect yourself when you're misinterpreting Afiq's point. I tak ingat la Afiq... but then again I think Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror should suffice.

Why do I have to defend you all the time Afiq... : ) Maybe it's just youlah this, an angel with an aura of a mischiveous overachieving demon. Hoho (^o^)

Bila balik Sabah Afiq... then again, if you see the conditions here, mesti mengamuk...

Andrea C

Afiq Deen said...


andrea! this is what i mean by indecent exposure. i dont mind ppl judging me... because they dont really know me.

and i dont really give a hoot.

i dont think im going to sabah anytime soon though. nothing to do there oso.