Remember when Anwar was arrested for fucking other men? Hell broke loose when thousands of Malaysians with outstanding composition of malays took their anger to the street and benefited street vendors who sold propaganda tags, stickers and badges. This happened back when we were experiencing inflation in our economy.

Orang melayu memang macam ni.

Now PPSMI. Daulatkan Bahasa Kita they say. Pertahankan Maruah Bangsa they shout. This is happening when we are experiencing a crunching recession.

Orang melayu memang macam ni.

Oh yes, not all of those involved are malays but when we talk ratios, you'll find that about 90% are malays. This pattern indicates that during difficult times, when other races carefully spend their buffer money they accumulated during the good times and invest it on alternative projects, we malays will find insignificant issues and blow them out of proportion.

Orang melayu memang macam ni.

Most malays are still very sentimental, sticking their guts to their hearts and not their brains. Why is it better to learn in english? Because in this day and age, the transfer of knowledge is literally as fast as lightning and there is neither the manpower nor time to translate new information to Bahasa Melayu.
Orang melayu memang macam ni.

When malay school children get bad results when PPSMI was implemented, we blame the language barrier. Children in the rural areas do not benefit from PPSMI because they are not proficient in english. This only shows that these children need more tutorial and guidance from the government, community and their respective families. Cancelling the PPSMI will not do any other good than to perpetuate the state of delusion of malays who think that english has no direct relation to their children's success as future professionals (or even the possibility of becoming professionals)

Orang melayu memang macam ni.
Punyai mentaliti Sultan Mahmud.


Lisa Farhana said...

agree. definitely.

Qarl said...

btoi3x afiq..

i guess PPSMI ni dh bgus dh

Moja Amin said...



rehan who said...

i simply dont agree.

myadlan said...

I'll go for PPSMI. gonna blog about this issue later on..

btw long time dun check ur blog. wonder what book are u reading.. (header)

Adam M.A said...


its all about the language, then i duly agree, but to say that because of english kampong kids are uneducated then i don agree.

long live the hikayats! :)

anti-federalist said...

as the first batch that really underwent this so called 'government policy'(2003)..i found it quite beneficial...it improved my English...especially in understanding scientific terms...which is a necessity in tertiary education. nonetheless...it never deteriorate my proficiency in bahasa nor corroding my MALAY VALUES...but frankly speaking...i hope this thing will be carried on...but with some improvisation of course...an enhancement that will satisfy the whole country....

p/s= i just can't stand people who keep comparing this current situation with the eastern countries..they say' owh..JAPAN, Korea...they all use their own language...and become the world's leading economic power ...why can't we??....the point i want to bring here is....do we, in the first place have the discipline like the Japanese and the wit of the Koreans to even compare with??...i wonder...

Afiq Deen said...

Elros, i didnt write anything to say that Kampong kids are uneducated.

I know what you mean anti-federalist. Politicians use that line all the time it makes my head spin to the tune of Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. (hate+confusion+absolute aghast)

alone said...

well. i got the points.

i agree with u. btw, they who against ppsmi still want to prove that they're are right.

that's same with them who support ppsmi.

i'm natural.

both have pro and contra.

Diran said...

hi afiq.im diran.i dont know whter u rememebr me or not. who cares.im nt your friend. just an often commentator on your blog. anyways i wan some help if you dont mind. i am looking at doing law in UIA. so can you please spill some beans for me about the whole course?isit possible you add me on msn n tell me?tx...diranhariz1989@hotmail.com...asap please...tx

Mr NAEmnzr said...

hi afiq.thx 4 d post regarding dis ppmsi issue here.
u knw wht, i m going to present about d educational issue nxt week,therefore it helps me here n there lil bit from ur very own opinion.

thx again

mgiL said...

1+1=2 regardless of language. the point is kids get the concept. not everybody lives in subang jaya.

Qaisy Jaslenda said...

>At first, I agreed with Tun (as he is the one who created this).

>I read Tun's blog about it.

>he made me read Abbasiyah's history during its Golden Era.

>And I changed my mind.

p.s. Everyone should do the same before talk. Only a suggestion.


Danny said...

and i wonder which 'Sultan Mahmud' were you referring to?

Afiq Deen said...

the sultan mahmud responsible for the fall of Melaka.

Danny said...

Adakah pihak saudara cuba menyatakan baginda dipertangungjawabkan atas kejatuhan Melaka?

1. Sultan Mahmud Shah terlalu muda ketika mewarisi Melaka yang telah mencapai kemuncak kuasa dan merupakan pusat dagangan yang unggul di Asia Tenggara

2. Pemerintahan Sultan Mahmud Shah dipenuhi dengan rancangan jahat dan pilih kasih dikalangan pembesar dan kerabat.

3. Portugal pada awal abad ke-16 cuba meluaskan empayar di luar negeri.

Adakah baginda bukan seorang raja yang cekap?

Atau baginda adalah mangsa keadaan?

SikAsylum said...

i cannot i agree. a lot of student can know a scientific term but the problem is the application of the terms. english to you guys maybe easy,since u guys are exposed all around to it,for the kids from my kampong it was hard.not because they don want to learn,its the syllabus itself!! tell me,if u don understand anyting that comes out from ur teacher's mouth wil u stay and endure? in uia u will ask for class changing rite? i just saying that language shud not be the barrier for a student to understand a subject.if the government wants to imply english to student,make a syllabus fun enough to learn like some of the english camps, in the class.use gud teachers,gud textbooks. from ur writing i kno u come from a well exposed family so u shud not judge other malays like they r on ur level of mind state and exposure. some of the families are to poor to let they children go to english camp or even tuition.by the way,some the cards and stickers are sponsored by well incomed particular.and most of them are hand made.and do u see any other way for our voice to be heard? media? parliment? and for pondering,what really happen to utusan jawi? our own language that i doubt some of u jokes are well "exposed" to.i am not mad but seeing how easilt u judge malays from a very shallow point of view it really made me move my lazy fingers.

508x said...

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